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Students enrolled in our school are entitled to Free Tuition under R.A. 10931 Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act. You can realize your dreams without any hindrance. What are you waiting for?

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What students say?

In my three years as a student at this school, I have always taught to myself that it is not the size of the school that matters, but rather the capability of the teacher. It is often the power of professors that can teach you to be a successful leader who will contribute to societal change. And I believe that's what SMMC turned out to be, producing active, responsible, and productive students.
Althea Marie Palacio CaƱete
BSBA-MM Third Year
San Mateo Municipal College is an educational institution filled with professors that are not only compassionate but also dedicated. So much so, that a widespread pandemic did not stop them from teaching their students valuable information that will help these students be prepared for their future. Truly a remarkable embodiment of "quality education".
Jojo Villena
ABE Fourth Year
San Mateo Municipal College is a public institution that offers free education to every student who wants to pursue their dreams, with that I will be forever grateful in this College Institution because it encourages students to continue pursuing their dreams despite life struggles just like the pandemic we're facing up to this day. I would like to acknowledge the dedication of the professors and hard work of the people behind SMMC's success, especially people behind the free education that students couldn't afford before.
Maristela Matic
BSBA-FM Third Year
"In my two years at SMMC, there are three things that I am grateful for which abetted to continue reaching my mission and vision in life. First, the free education it offers gave us a great opportunity to enter college without too much thinking about financial capabilities. Second, the quality of education that they bestow to every student that drives us to be effective and productive individuals of today and future generations. It's because, SMMC comprises staffs, that retain the school environment suitable, effective and, efficient for learnings. Professors, that serves as the SMMC's ultimate competency.
Annalyn Inocentes
BSOA Second Year
SMMC's atmosphere is very conducive for creative thinking and its environment will keep you grounded to the reality. It was my second home. The blazing heat in every room and noises of every vehicles that were passing through are nothing because we have caring and approachable staffs and professors. They don't make you feel like you're at the bottom of the pit and all of them are very enthusiastic with what they're doing. In overall, SMMC did not just taught me well in academics, it also taught me the value of independence, resourcefulness, hardwork and passion. Forever thankful, forever grateful. Thank you SMMC.
Angela Beatriz Aguas
BSPSYCH Fourth Year